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Whether you are looking at starting a business, growing your business or are purchasing or selling a business we can help you.

When you are starting a business there are many things you need to consider. What type of business structure do you need? Corporation? Sole proprietorship? Partnership? Joint venture? Franchise? Each type of business structure has both legal and tax consequences. You will want expert advice to choose the type of business structure that will suit your business plans both long term and in the immediate future. It is important to know what kind of liability flows from the business structure you have in place and also what rights and obligations you will have with respect to your business. If you have partners or investors, it is important to properly define your rights and obligations with respect to each other. What happens if you do not wish to carry on business with one of your business associates in the future? What if your business associates want to terminate their relationship with you? Are your rights with respect to the business secure? If you break up with your business associates, what happens to the business? These are important questions to answer before you start a business. We can help give you the tools to make these decisions and guide you when you are forming your business.

If you are currently a business owner, you are constantly looking for new opportunities. You will need contracts drafted or reviewed for purchase or sale of services, products or goods. If you are expanding you may need to issue shares or may need to secure a loan for major purchases or expansion, or you may need to purchase real estate for your business. We can help you with these things. We can also advise you on labour law issues.

In the event that someone owes you money and despite your best efforts, the debtor does not pay, we can help you get your money. We can advise you with respect to debt collection, builder`s liens and other types of liens, and caveats as well.

Did you know that every Alberta corporation, by law, must have a registered office in Alberta, must file annual returns with the Alberta Corporate Registry every year, must hold annual shareholder and director meetings, and must have a corporate minute book, which is a book of your important corporate documents, which must include, but not limited to, articles of incorporation, bylaws of the corporation, minutes to shareholder and director meetings and resolutions of the share-holders and directors. It is very important to have these things done right. We can help take care of these things for you and your company and allow you to focus on building your business.




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