Cyril Bright

Cyril was raised and educated in rural Saskatchewan. He earned his first degree in Pharmacy and established a successful career as a Pharmacist even owning a Shopper’s Drug Mart franchise for a time. He later decided to pursue a career in law and in 1999 earned his law degree from the University of Saskatchewan. He has practiced as a full time lawyer ever since.

Cyril’s immediate family consists of his two grown daughters and his golden retriever “Yogi”. Outside of work Cyril enjoys outdoor sports, traveling, and studying classical guitar.

Cyril Practices: Criminal Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Corporate and Commercial, Wills and Estate, Personal Injury, and Employment.

Craig Savoie

Craig was born, raised, and educated in New Brunswick. After completing his undergraduate degree at Mount Allison University, he moved to Saskatoon to obtain his law degree from the University of Saskatchewan. Upon completion, he joined Aurora Law Group team in of May 2021 as an Articling Student.

Understanding time is undefeated, Craig makes the most of his by traveling, experiencing new things, and playing sports. Craig is a personable individual who genuinely enjoys getting to know people and loves to bring a smile to someone else’s face.


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